National Diversity Consulting


The National Diversity Council is the premier source for consulting and training solutions for your diversity, equity and inclusion challenges. We help you formulate and implement successful DEI initiatives. We offer a wide array of services that stimulate culture change to enhance employee engagement and business performance in today’s global marketplace.

Our network of consultants and trainers have vast knowledge and deep experience in the DEI space. They are extremely professional and thorough in their approach. In all engagements, whether consulting or training, their solutions are targeted to ‘meet your organization where they are’ in the DEI journey.

The Five Levels of Progress in DEI Journey

Level 5: Best Practice

Current best practices in D&I around the world.

Level 4: Progressive

Seeing D&I symmetrically: a robust D&I approach.

Level 3: Proactive

Beginning of a programmatic thrust; moving in a healthy direction.

Level 2: Reactive

Compliant mindset at best; symbolic actions only.

Level 1: Inactive

No D&I work has begun; diversity and a culture of inclusion are not organizational goals.

Source: [email protected], 2021

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